Comment of the Day: George Will Is Clever, You Are Not

Worry not, George. Stu has your back.
Reader stu responds to Dour Calvinist George Will Supports Legalizing Marijuana, Tom Carr Last One on the Island. He's not impressed with our caricature of Will.

"This is silly. In what possible sense is George Will a 'Calvinist'? If Mr. Hannan considers him 'humorless,' he hasn't read much of him. (Off this post, which strives to be clever but doesn't succeed, it would be closer to the mark to call Caleb Hannan humorless.)

Also, there's nothing the least surprising about a conservative like Will calling for legalization of marijuana. Conservatives of a libertarian bent have long tended toward that position. William F. Buckley, Jr. famously advocated for it over most of his long life. But to know that, Mr. Hannan would have to have known something about conservatives, which he obviously does not. He's unable to get beyond lame caricutures like the one here. Come on, Seattle Weekly, you're better than this."

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