Comment of the Day: First Hitler, Now Nickels?

For his inventive, dare we say Wolfe-ian, use of ellipses, and total lack of historical perspective, today's comment of the day is bestowed upon reader "still a reasonable man."

"For those that did graduate high school...but didn't pay attention in World History...the first thing that made Hitler's germany possible was gun control...confiscation of individual weapons...then only the thugs (the govt under a corrupt leadership) had the guns...

The thing that prevents this, is a well armed constituency that won't stand for stupidity, thuggery (is that a word?) and bullying...if you served, you know the value, if you didn't...step up, sign up and learn what it means to protect yourself and your brothers.

If you turn your nose up at either of those...there's always the country to the north that we allow cowards to run to...America free and is for those that stand and fight for whats right for themselves and others.

Semper Fi"

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