Comment of the Day: City Attorney Tom Carr Cost Our Bar $60,000

Bar owners accuse Tom Carr of doing this to his profits.
Reader SWAK responds to Tom Carr and the Club Owners Who Hate Him: Both a Little Insufferable. He says the truth about Carr will come out one day.

"Dear Caleb, thanks for your insightful piece of journalism.

This piece is complete garbage.

As a responsible business owner who employ's over 45 people on capital hill, I am more than offended at your take on this serious issue. To call this ethics complaint little more than a publicity stunt, put forth by business men playing the victim card is simply wrong.

In the months of April-May 2007, we lost upwards of 60 thousand dollars due to the disruption of our business. We were never cited for any violations, and after being harassed to the point of almost selling the business, we were left to carry on in the exact same manner.

While we entered into a great relationship with our precinct following months of harassment, it was no thanks to the city attorneys office. We lead the community in quarterly meeting's with SPD, and as a community accomplished a great deal.

This has all come to a head due to the strong handed carr approach, once again. Unfortunately it was unnecessary and set back our current working program, much to SPD's dismay I might add.

That being said, this issue dates back as far as 2006, and this ethics complaint will cover a much broader issue than you seem to care to comprehend. There is an abuse of power in the city attorneys office. We have had MANY off the record conversations with people working in government agencies who have attested to this, and we hope to be able to prove this over the course of our investigations."

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