Comment of the Day: Why Single Out the Good Guys When Banning Guns?

Reader "Cassie" responds to Guns in Parks: Nickels Bans 'em, Suits Threatened, Candidates Stand Where on the Issue?

"Look, bad guys don't care what the law is. This isn't rocket science. Remember that crazy guy with an AK-47 or whatever it was shooting things up around North Seattle Community College? Yeah, that situation that everyone pointed to as a sure fire (pun intended) reason for more gun control? Well, that guy was a FELON. He already wasn't supposed to even have a gun, let alone run around shooting one. Did he care that he was breaking the law? Of course bloody not!

This is only going to impede on the rights of law-abiding citizens who want to be responsible gun owners. Crack down on the bad guys by enforcing the laws that are there and beefing up consequences, yes, but don't put more red tap around the good people who just want to be left alone.

The right to defend yourself is not a violent or wrong desire. The ability to take your kid to a park should be enjoyed by all law abiding citizens, regardless of their politics and opinions on self defense.

Oh, yeah, and this is ILLEGAL. There's that too."

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