Colton Harris-Moore's Friend Has the World's Coolest Name (And a New Charge for the Rap Sheet)

His name is so good, you're gonna have to wait 'til after the jump.
Barefoot Burglar Colton Harris-Moore owes it to the world to start a posse. That's the only logical conclusion one can come to after this latest news, that the teen-aged robber's longtime running partner (with the greatest name in the history of the known world) has just been caught by Camano Island police.

The former accomplice (not gonna say his name yet...) was arrested Monday in Everett (still holding out...) after failing to return (wait for it...) to a prison work release program. That friend's name?

Harley. Davidson. Ironwing.

Look at it. It's like a motorcycle mixed with a fighter jet nail-gunned to a battleship. It's beautiful and mean and totally worthy of someone who became an ex-con before he could legally buy a shot of Jameson.

It's just too bad it's wasted on a guy who can't even evade Camano Island cops. C'mon Harley. Didn't Colton teach you anything?

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