Carnation Killer Michele Anderson Wants New Lawyers

Joseph McEnroe and Michele Anderson: Two mildly obstructionist psychopaths.
On Christmas Eve of 2007, Michele Anderson and her boyfriend Joseph McEnroe armed themselves with handguns and prepared to ambush her family. First they killed her parents, Judith and Wayne, because they'd had the audacity to demand rent for the trailer Michele kept on their Carnation property. Then they shot and killed her brother Scott, his wife Erica and their two children, ages 5 and 3, in part because Scott owed Michele money and also because they said they didn't want any witnesses.

It is, in short, fair to say that Anderson has trouble getting on with people. So it should come as no surprise that she wants to fire the lawyers assigned to her, the second time she's made such a request. Last year, Anderson fired her defense team because of a "communications breakdown." The cause: Anderson kept calling the media, proclaiming her guilt and demanding she be put to death, moves that tend to put defense lawyers in a tough corner when it comes to trial. Now Anderson says her new defense team have "violated her rights, committed malpractice, are unqualified, dishonest and have failed to address the issues she has asked them to."

Here's a random thought. Maybe, when the judge determines whether or not to give Anderson new lawyers and further delay a trial that's already been postponed, just maybe he or she should side against the person who's admitted to killing three generations of her own family. Just spitballin' here.

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