Bremerton's Mayoral Race: KEXP, Harley Davidson, and That Arrest Warrant Back In Oklahoma

This Bremerton resident is hosting a mayoral debate at Bremerton's Hi-Fidelity Lounge on October 14. Boise's Finn Riggins is providing the music. Yes, Bremerton's the next Boise. And Bellingham. And Ballard.
Seattle's not the only Puget Sound city without an incumbent mayor on ballot this time around. Bremerton -- the sleepy little city in Kitsap County -- is entrenched in a mayor's race that's had just as many turns as the one over here. Allow me to explain:

In the beginning it was pretty cut and dry: Mayor Cary Bozeman (yes, the former mayor of Bellevue) was challenged by a single candidate, City Councilman Mike Shepherd. Shepherd blanketed the city with yard signs months before Bozeman lifted a finger. It looked like it might be a close race between the (nearly) two-term mayor and his challenger. Then it all changed.

Bozeman suddenly announced that he was not only dropping out of the race, but resigning his position to take the CEO gig at the Port of Bremerton (yes, Bremerton even has an airport!). At that point, the flood gates opened, and when the dust settled there were five candidates vying for the city's top job. Then came the primary!

Shepherd -- the only guy to challenge Bozeman -- missed the top two slots by 100ish votes. The surviving candidates? The top vote getter was City Councilman Will Maupin. Name sound familiar? He's the father of Denise Maupin (OK, now Denise Burnside) of Heavy Hearts/KEXP fame and onetime Seattle Weekly cover girl. Maupin faces former Kitsap County Commissioner Patty Lent, a Harley-riding great-grandmother, in the general election next month.

And if that's not enough ... Shepherd and his supporters recently propped up local non-profit exec Deborah Jackson as a write-in candidate. And TODAY, The Bremerton Patriot reports that Jackson is wanted in Oklahoma for second-degree forgery.

Yeah, that's Bremerton's mayoral race.

And, speaking of Bremerton ... while this race was playing out, two men got into a fight outside a local 7-11. Instead of reaching for a gun, one of the men reached for his member. True story.

Yeah, that's Bremerton.

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