Battle of the PDC Complaints

In other parts of the country, campaign mud-slinging involves digging up old girlfriends or fellow soldiers to bash the candidates. But here, we go after our opponents in the most boring way possible, dueling complaints to the state Public Disclosure Commission.

King County Executive hopeful Dow Constantine is already under investigation after someone complained about him using Jason Bennett of Argo Strategies in his campaign (they claim only to handle the money) while Bennett was also working for a political action committee paying for mailers attacking Susan Hutchison.

Today, the King County Democratic Party filed a complaint with the PDC detailing dozens of alleged violations of the law, including too many donors being reported without their place of employment listed, late reporting, and failing to include rent for her campaign HQ. What does all this mean to voters? If you're having trouble sleeping, you can download the complaint from the KC Dems' blog. That should put you right out.

There are far more important issues this year--how do we resolve the current financial mess without shuttering all kinds of county services, like parks or public health clinics; how should the county regulate building in the rural areas--to name a couple. And speaking of, ballots go out today! Whatever captures your imagination, whether it's resolving deficits in the Metro bus system or the nuances of campaign finance regulation, do make sure to vote.

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