Attention Colton Harris-Moore: Hollywood is Waiting

If they can forgive this guy, think of how they'll treat you.
After making headlines from coast-to-coast, it seems island-hopping teen fugitive Colton Harris-Moore is about to get his big break in Hollywood. Assuming he has a smart phone, wi-fi and the ability to make countless felony charges disappear.

Yesterday, a person who wishes to go only by the title "anonymous film producer" got in touch with The Daily Weekly. Claiming that they "DO have investors interested in funding this picture," anonymous has set up an e-mail address ( in hopes that either Harris-Moore, his mother Pam Kohler or dozens of Harris-Moore impersonators will get in touch with them to discuss the rights to purchase his story.

The Daily Weekly's advice to Harris-Moore: GO FOR IT. Hollywood is the most forgiving place on Earth. It's like Disneyland for felons. You stole a plane? HA. Half the town just signed a petition siding against a 13-year-old girl who got drugged and raped. They'll forgive your little indiscretions in less time than it takes to greenlight a Saw sequel.

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