Actual Roller Derby Girls on "Whip It"

Members of the Rat City Roller Girls league were naturally curious about Drew Barrymore's Whip It (review), which continues at the Metro and other theaters. Below, some choice quotes from the women of the RCRG league, who know firsthand the bruises, glory, and camaraderie of the sport, after seeing Whip It. (Note: They go by their nom de track, not their street names)

"Regarding authenticity, I thought it was really cute that after Babe Ruthless [Ellen Page] took a whip, she would bend her knees real low and stop skating to make it around the corner. It just made me think of being fresh meat and being yelled at perpetually to 'MOVE YOUR FEET' around the turn. Don't stop moving your feet, Babe Ruthless!" --Leeloo, Throttle Rockets

"I thought the actors the director picked were absolutely PERFECT for their characters/roles!" --Skate Trooper, Derby Liberation Front

"While it has a few misses on the track, the passion of a skater is well captured. The acting was superb and Barrymore made a smart move by stepping back and letting the talent shine."--Sister Piston, Sockit Wenches

And if that has you curious about the next RCRG competition, select local teams will actually next take the ring in Philadelphia, for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's national tournament in Philadelphia Nov. 13-15. So good luck with that.

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