What's "Justice" Got to Do With the Boeing/Airbus Tanker Battle?

Hey, he got more!
In case you didn't know, Boeing and Airbus are battling to win a tanker contract from the US government. Boeing's supporters, like Patty Murray, are crying foul over the subsidies Airbus gets from European countries--subsidies deemed illegal in a preliminary ruling by the World Trade Organization. But Murray voted for Boeing to get a contract for 10 C-17 planes that the Air Force and Pentagon didn't want. Now Alabama Senator Richard Shelby--Alabama has a Airbus plant--says that the Boeing/Airbus battle isn't the place for "vigilante justice." Which is fair enough, though, really, what does justice have to do with shoveling billions in taxpayer money to unneeded contracts on either side of a large pond, then engaging in endless litigation in an international court to establish that the other should be punished for what you're doing? What a farce.

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