Twisp Motel Murder Suspect on the Run?

Kino Gomez, the King County road engineer charged in the murder of Seattle sound engineer Tom Pfaeffle outside a Twisp motel in July, wasn't answering his cell phone this morning and, Okanogan authorities think, may be on the lam. Seattle Weekly recently spoke with Gomez but, shortly after we published a detailed account last week of the shooting - focusing on his shaky claims of self-defense - Gomez dropped off the radar. "We have no idea where he is," Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Roberts told the Wenatchee World yesterday. Gomez, who lives in a Beacon Hill home, is now in violation of the conditions of his release on $100,000 bail, Roberts says, and is likely a no-show for a court appearance slated for tomorrow. When SW spoke with Gomez a few weeks back, he said "There are always two sides. It is still tragic for me too." He hadn't read any of the accounts of the shooting - he appears to have fired through a closed door at Pfaeffle, who was mistakenly trying to enter Gomez's motel room. Nor had he seen reader comments in newspapers, he said. But "one of my co-workers says people are ready to hang me. They weren't at the alleged scene of the crime. But I was, and it's not the way they say."

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