This Guy Should Get an Endorsement Deal With Grand Theft Auto

He didn't steal anything, but this Neah Bay man did blaze quite a path of destruction, at least according to the police report. The P-I's 911 blog has the story, but here's the sequence of events:

-Frustrated by construction traffic, man rams his truck into a VW Bug, then drives off.

-The Bug driver later happens upon the truck driver, confronts him over the earlier incident.

-Truck driver tells the bug driver to back off or he'll kick his ass, then gets into the truck and backs up into the bug, climbing halfway up its hood.

-Truck driver drives off, is discovered by police beside his parked truck on the side of the highway, drinking a beer.

At this point, if it were the video game, he'd probably start shooting, resulting in loss of life among officers, car-thieves, and nearby prostitutues. Fortunately, though, this was real life, and he was taken into custody without incident.

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