The Storm Before the Storm: Second Lawsuit Attempts to Keep R-71 off the Ballot

R-71 organizer Larry Stickney demonstrating the thousand-douche stare.
If it's going to be on the ballot, R-71 will have to survive another round in court. Washington Families Standing Together--the group leading the charge to maintain the domestic partnership rights the legislature passed last session--saw the last lawsuit it filed dismissed because a King County judge said she couldn't prevent the Secretary of State from certifying the petition results. To ahead and file it after certification, she said, in Thurston County. So that's what they did.

The group argues that a number of signatures shouldn't count because they were given before the signees were officially registered voters. Also, many of the petitions were not signed by the signature gatherers, as required by law--or not, if you ask the Secretary of State.

Requisite PSA: Remember that the referendum switches on you--if you opposed it being on the ballot, you'll want to vote for it once it's there.

Finally, on a related note, WAFST's lawyer in the case is David Burman, about whose new condo the Seattle Times recently wrote, and whose daughter Kendall (with whom I attended grade school, full disclosure) was the lead on-the-ground attorney for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

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