Lest We Forget, Matt Hasselbeck Sleeps on a Bed Made of Money

The Seahawks season opener is nigh and there's not much to do between now and Sunday except make predictions and masochistically reflect upon last year's futility.

Witness then Portfolio Magazine's study on the cost-effectiveness of NFL quarterbacks. According to the delicate science that is factoring a player's on-field production with their salary, oft-injured Mattt Hasselbeck, with his $9.9 million salary cap value, is the least cost-effective of every NFL quarterback who attempted at least 160 passes last season. That list includes backup Seneca Wallace, who with his $1.4 million cap value and 141 completions (to Hasselbeck's 109) conversely ranks in the list's top ten. Wallace you'll no doubt remember took over the campaign as Hasselbeck lost ten games to injury and the Seahawks, eventually, ten out of sixteen contests. Of course, protecting the quarterback won't be an issue this season as the Seahawks have that stellar offensive line returning...wait, nevermind. Anyway, the pallet cleanser comes Sunday at Qwest Field, kickoff 1pm.

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