The Carefree Days of Traffic-Stop Tweets May Be Coming to an End for Nate Robinson

As NBA tweeting faux-pas go, Seattle native Nate Robinson's live Twitter narration of his traffic stop (for excessively tinted windows) and subsequent arrest (for driving with a suspended license) are relatively tame. (By contrast, check out this tweet from Ron Artest.) But the Knicks got their knickers in a twist over it all the same--perhaps as a negotiating strategy in their contrac talks with the slam-dunk king, whom they're rumored to be on the cusp of doing.)

Regardless, Nate's days of carefree tweeting appear to be done: David Stern has announced the NBA is cracking down, preparing a new policy. "We just need to make sure when it's OK to Tweet and when it's not OK to Tweet." We're guessing brushes with the law, however overblown, will fall in the latter category.

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