Smile: You're on Candid Camera! And You're Torching a Dumpster

Cameras as crime-solvers are notoriously pricey and dicey endeavors: they bring a host of privacy and misuse concerns, and Great Britain has found that it's solved only one crime for every one-thousand cameras it's installed. (Apparently, the Nickels administration likes those numbers.)

In their defense, cameras did help identify the suspect in this summer's horrific South Park murder. One other thing they bring us: Footage of truly weird criminal behavior.

MyBallard has images from security camera footage from Zesto's, a burger joint at NW 65th and 15th Ave. NW. A man walks into the parking lot, carrying a white bag, and walks out, leaving behind a dumpster full of flames. In the immortal words of OMC, how bizarre.

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