Pat Tillman, Anti-Warrior

Former Seattle P-I Book Editor John Marshall, writing on The Daily Beast today, interviews former Seattle author Jon Krakauer about his new book on Pat Tillman, the Fort Lewis Ranger and ex-pro footballer killed by friendly fire. To keep this regional circle going: Tillman had a copy of Krakauer's book, Eiger Dreams, in his backpack when he died, and Tillman's widow Marie, who lived in suburban Tacoma, gave Krakauer access to her husband's journals, where the author learned Tillman was truly one of us - an Upper Leftcoastie, opposed to the Bush war.

"I knew," says Krakauer, "he was sort of a maverick and not a typical jock and football star, but I had no idea how complex he was, how sensitive or how liberal were his politics. God, I cannot imagine how Pat served in the war in Iraq that he thought was wrong, brought about by an incompetent president. And he could have gotten out of the Army after two years and returned to the NFL - I would have been out of there so fast! But Pat wouldn't do it even though he loathed the war, was not happy in the Army, and felt guilt about how miserable he was making Marie." Krakauer adds that he found nothing to the assorted conspiracy theories about Tillman's battlefield death and hints at a possible Tillman movie in the works, teaming again with Sean Penn.

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