If Glenn Beck Gets His Own Day in Mount Vernon, Maybe Vanessa Fontana Should Get One Too


Apparently, many Mount Vernonites are upset that Mayor Bud Norris (no relation to Chuck, sadly) announced a day honoring TV personality Glenn Beck, who hails from the town and who developed his audience by making outrageous statements and crying on air. (Throw in some good, old-fashioned racism, for good measure.) But rather than being upset at Beck's award, perhaps Mount Vernonites should instead call attention to who is being unfairly neglected.

A Mount Vernon resident at the time, Vanessa Fontana was a one-woman tour de force on the first season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF, outlasting 16 contestants--including the famous Bikini Corrie (that's Vanessa smirking in the clip)--before falling in the final round. Like Beck, Fontana enhanced the drama by crying on-air regularly. If crying + ratings + once lived in Mount Vernon = key to the city, then maybe Vanessa should get one too.

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