I Want to Be Joan Rivers in My Seventies

Joan Rivers performed at Snoqualmie Casino on Thursday, September 17 at 7:30 p.m.
Joan Rivers relentlessly insulted the elderly, the overweight, and the unattractive during her stand-up routine at Snoqualmie Casino last night. Ironically, those tend to be the sort of people that frequent casinos most often. Rivers' crowd certainly fit the bill but reacted with delight as she tore them each a new asshole.

The raspy voiced New Yorker known as much for her plastic surgery as she is her wicked sense of humor left no subject untouched with the exception of Barbra Streisand. "The only thing gays won't laugh about is Barbra," Rivers remarked. She however, had no qualms mocking Madonna's daughter Lourdes for her homely appearance and Brooke Shields for turning on the waterworks at Michael Jackson's funeral despite not having seen him "since he was black."

Nasty she is. But there's no denying that Rivers, whose work as a comedienne, actress, and talk show host spans over more than 40 years, is also impressive as hell. At 76, she's as spry - if not more so - than somebody in their 20s. (Did anybody else see her on Celebrity Apprentice? High-larious!) If I'm half the terror that woman is in 50 years time, I will be very pleased.

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