How You Like Them Apples, Jobs? Microsoft Is Number 3 in the World

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Bezos and Gates celebrate. Not pictured is Steve Ballmer, who was thrown out for threatening a line judge.
Microsoft may still be rolling out a Zune against an iPod for the personal entertainment device market market and a Photoshopped white guy for the Polish market, but at least it beats Apple in one measure: overall worth. With an estimated value of $56.6 billion, the "Soft is the 3rd most valuable brand in the world, according to BusinessWeek's annual survey. Apple, by contrast, is at #20--though unlike Microsoft, which lost value last year, it keeps gaining.

Also on the list is Amazon, which had the biggest jump in the rankings, moving up 13 spots to #43. The secret to its success? Methinks it's the three-wolf moon.

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