Hague and Brecht: Both Win, Both Lose

The jury in the Jane Hague-Paul Brecht defamation lawsuit spent a week deliberating and sending questions to witnesses for clarification and to the judge regarding who exactly was being sued here. And they found, according to the P-I today, that King County council member Hague, a.k.a. Miss Jane Springman, and her 2007 re-election campaign led by the elusive Brett Bader, indeed defamed Brecht, who headed up the rival campaign of Richard Pope for council. But even though Hague's Bader-made campaign poster claiming Brecht "tops law enforcement lists" as a wife-beater, was damagable, it didn't merit any damages. The jury awarded no money to Brecht. This is the same Miss Springman who memorably told a deputy sheriff, as she was being put through a field sobriety test, "This is fucking ridiculous, don't you have rapists to take off the street?" In the end, she still has a license to cross the lines of respect and roadways.

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