Fugitive Gomez Got a Long Head Start

Whatever murder-case fugitive Kino Gomez decided to do - kill himself or flee to another jurisdiction - he likely did it two weeks ago, authorities now think. He mailed his apparent suicide letter on Sept. 4, indicating he was on a "one-way trip" to the mountains with two of his 15 guns, intent on taking his own life. Authorities in Okanogan and King counties have been searching for him for only several days after a court this week issued a warrant for his arrest. His attorney notified the court of his disappearance and he also failed to show for a hearing in Okanogan. Gun Week senior editor Dave Workman, writing on his examiner.com blog today, says he was able to catch up with an Okanogan detective who said several days passed before for the Sept. 4 letter arrived at a relative's home, and Gomez had already vanished from his Beacon Hill residence. The $100,000 bail his family posted in July was ordered forfeited yesterday by an Okanogan County court.

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