Don't Want to Get Shot? Don't Rob Banks With a Fake Gun

It won't make robbing a bank easier, but it might make you dead.
Yesterday police officers shot and killed a man who pulled out what appeared to be a Glock in an attempt to rob an Alaska Federal Credit Union inside a Shoreline Safeway. They arrested an alleged accomplice at the scene. It turns out that the gun was a fake.

Normally such a gun would have an orange tip, but according to the Sheriff's office, the tip had been removed or painted over.

It seems worth mentioning that in our semi-frequent coverage of local bank robberies, most are carried out sans firearm, with only a threatening note. Most banks operate under the policy, just turn over the cash even if no one actually flashes a piece. So to anyone considering a life of financial institution thievery, leave the faux weaponry at home; you just might save your life.

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