And the Shawna Beat Goes On

It was back in June that Merrill Metzger, half-brother to renegade Minutemen leader Shawna Forde, told SW he'd figured out who tried to kill Forde's husband: It was the man she was dating at the time. "My son and I looked at each other: 'Why, he looks just like the man in the police sketch, the suspect in the shooting of her husband,'" Metzger recalled.

Now Everett police are indeed saying they're investigating the former boyfriend of Forde, herself accused of double homicide in Arizona. David Neiwert rounds up this and other breaking details on the Forde case in his Crooks And Liars blog, also linking to Everett Herald scoops. Neiwert, a Seattle author and pretty much the go-to guy on reporting race hate in the Northwest, saw Forde early on as a female Robert Mathews, founder of The Order, a violent revolutionary group at war with what they called ZOG - the Zionist Occupied Government in D.C. Matthews and his movement died in a fiery 1984 shootout at a house on Whidbey Island. Now Forde's order faces a similar fate in Arizona's state death chamber.

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