Parent Map Magazine: A Threat to the Health and Safety of Our Nation's Children?

Remember that cover of Dog Fancy magazine that showed an adorable Springer Spaniel being fed a Hershey bar? You don't? Well, perhaps more memorable (because it actually existed) was last month's issue of Parent Map magazine, which showed an adorable baby sound asleep on its stomach.

Not surprisingly, that didn't sit too well with Inga Paige, the executive director of the Northwest Infant Survival Alliance-SIDS Foundation of Washington. "I think the cover sends the wrong message (and a message that we have been working to change for the last 15 years)," she wrote in a letter to the magazine.

As the children's health nonprofit Nemours says on its Web site, in discussing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: "First and foremost, infants younger than 1 year old should be placed on their backs to sleep -- never face-down on their stomachs."

The magazine made no response to Paige's letter, which appears in the just-published September issue. So we'll reply for them: "But he looks sooo cute!"

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