You May Be Able to Sign Anonymously, But You Can't Donate Anonymously

You may be able to sign an anti-gay rights petition without it becoming public knowledge--at least until September 3rd. That's what a federal judge said. But if you donate to the anti-gay rights campaign, everyone gets to know about it. That's what the state Public Disclosure Commission ruled today. R-71 backers were asking that the donor lists be sealed to avoid harassment of donors--citing in particular the situation of Bellingham man John Bisceglia, who advocates anti-anti-gay violence and is going to publish the donor lists on his blog, Queer Equality Revolution. But while signing a petition may be a lot like voting (and thus arguably deserving of secrecy), bankrolling a public campaign is a public matter, and disclosure laws don't have douche-bag loopholes.

Update: While the AP was reporting (at the link above) that the PDC rejected the request, their rejection may be only temporary. They'll fully consider it at a meeting on August 27th.

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