WSF to Bremerton: Just Be Happy You Have a Damn Boat

Yesterday, WSF bounced into its usual two-step. After a hard landing -- seriously, guys? -- Bainbridge lost a boat, and to fill the gap in service, WSF took a boat from Kingston/Edmonds and moved it to Bainbridge, and took a boat from Bremerton and moved it to Kingston. This kind of makes sense. What doesn't is the fact that Kingston/Edmonds gets an apology (above) for servicing fewer cars, and Bremerton get a poke in the eye for getting half the service it usually gets (below)

Um, guys, Norm Dicks is hosting a town hall in Bremerton today. The last time a dignitary rode the Bremerton ferry en route to a special meeting, you guys didn't get any stimulus funds. I know Norm's supposed to talk about health care reform at his Bremerton town hall meeting (basically at the ferry terminal), but if there's going to be gnashing of teeth this evening, it'll be over Washington State Ferries, not death panels. Though its increasingly difficult to tell the two apart.


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