What Is Love? R-71 Looking Likely for Ballot

It looks like it's going to take a big batch of bad signatures for R-71 (the subject-gay-rights-to-yet-another-round-of-democratic-process measure) not to make the ballot. At 80% counted, the measure has an invalid signature rate of 11.8%, which is a decent cushion below the 12.4% it could sustain while still qualifying for November's general election. There have been such batches in the past, but it's not likely, and while error rates rise because of duplicates, some of the previously rejected signatures will likely be accepted upon review--that's been the pattern so far.

Thus, we can look forward to a fall full of outlandish claims about captive children coerced into homosexuality, state prosecution of churches, and the death of straight marriage. To make sense of it all, check out Kevin Phinney's cover story from this week's issue, wherein he looks at marriage's evolution and what straight people have done for/to it lately. And, if the measure does make the ballot, remember that its wording requires you to switch your position--a vote to "approve" R-71 is a vote for domestic partnership rights. So if you were against it before, you're for it now.

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