When They're Done Going After People Who Are Naked Behind Walls, They're Gonna Go After People Who Are Naked Under Their Clothes

Fair or foul pole?
As expected, the Mariners appealed a judge's ruling that would allow a Roger Forbes-owned Deja Vu strip club to open near Safeco Field. As Rick Anderson reported back in March, the Mariners consider the behind-walls action a threat to their fans, and illegal because it's within 800 feet of Safeco, which they say qualifies as a "public park." (You know, the type you have to pay at least $15 to enter. Kinda like Yellowstone, but more expensive.) The appeal comes as no surprise--the M's announced their intention to appeal when the ruling was issued in June. The appeal means the club's opening will likely be delayed further, giving Forbes more time to figure out its name.

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