When It Comes to Dodging Taxes, Joe the Plumber's Got Nothing on Mark the Drywaller

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This guy's pretty impressive.
About a day after he became a national figure last October (thanks to John McCain's repeat-the-name debate strategy, borrowed from Mike Jones), we learned that Joe the Plumber--sudden expert on tax policy--owed $1,200 in back taxes. There's no indication that Mark the Drywaller (nee Mark D. Standley, of Marysville) can compete with Joe's name recognition, but he sure as hell has him beat on the tax-dodging. Standley neglected to pay $850,000 in sales taxes on his drywalling business and got away with it for a while by neglecting to report almost $10.1 million in gross income. He now faces multiple felony counts of first-degree theft and filing false tax returns. Not bad, Mark, but let's see you write a book that appears in the recommended row on the Amazon page for the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. Yeah, didn't think so.

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