What a Candidate's Election Night Party Location Says About the Candidate

Mayoral candidate James Donaldson will hold his election night "party" at the Belltown branch of Uptown Espresso. "The site was used throughout the campaign as a meeting location and is consistent with the lifestyle espoused by Donaldson, who has never consumed alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes and has been a vegetarian for 20 years," explains campaign manager Cindi Laws. Meanwhile, county exec hopeful Ross Hunter will be taking in returns in the comfort of his Medina home, while rockin' rival Dow Constantine, the likeliest member of this randomly selected, all-male revue to have something to celebrate, will be in close proximity to Jameson and Guinness at Kells. Searching for a fish out of water? Mike McGinn will be partying at Havana. With a midsection like that, he should shift his soiree to the Sloop.

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