This Year's Primary, Brought to You by Flomax and Your 40th High-School Reunion

Going into the primary, there was much talk about how the vote would skew old, thus benefitting, for example, mayoral challenger Joe Mallahan, whom old folks love. Early voters in particular tend to be older--the younger set procrastinates until the deadline. Well, the Seattle Times crunched the numbers and, surprise, the early voters were older. The median age of those who voted in King County was 59.4; in Seattle, it was 56.7. (Only 6% of County voters and 8.2% of city voters were under 30.)

The final half of votes to be counted should include more young voters. What isn't as clear is which way they'll be leaning in the undecided race for mayor. In the SurveyUSA poll conducted about 1.5 weeks ago, Nickels led significantly over McGinn and Mallahan among voters ages 18-34. But 26% of the voters in that age range were undecided, and at least thus far, the undecideds have broken against the incumbent. The plot thickens!

Finally, not to beat a dead horse (though Errol Morris says we should), but looking at these numbers, it's clear that the folks already getting up in years are the ones taking Puffy's youth-directed vote-or-die directive seriously.

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