The Forklift Rodeo Is Coming to Town!

Can you dunk? This forklift can.
If you like forklifts, rodeos, forklift rodeos, Boeing Field, or any combination of the above, then this is the event for you. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries announced Friday afternoon that it's looking for professional forklift drivers from the Seattle area to compete in its August 22nd forklift rodeo at Boeing Field. (Businesses are encouraged to send their top operator.) Prizes range between $50 and $300.

A forklift rodeo is an event wherein "drivers use expert forklift operating skills to navigate a fun and challenging driving course that includes various tasks and hazards." That description is actually from the website for the Governor's Annual Forklift Rodeo, where the top competitors from the Boeing Field event will get to test themselves against the best. At both events, spectators get their seats for free--though, of course, they'll need only the edge.

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