The Dow Is on the Rise

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Another day, another favorable poll for Dow Constantine. Once mired in the mass of non-Susan Hutchison candidates for King County exec, Constantine's now all by his lonesome in second and, according to yesterday's KING-5/SurveyUSA poll, closing in on the former KIRO anchor. The new numbers: Hutchison 37%, Constantine 20%, Larry Phillips and Ross Hunter at 8% each, and Fred Jarrett at 6%. Last time around, SurveyUSA had Hutchison at 39% and Constantine at 13%.

Thus far, it doesn't look like Hutchison's KIRO lawsuit records have hurt her much, though as the general rolls around and people start paying attention, performances like she had yesterday on KUOW, where host Steve Scher was flabbergasted by her insistence on addressing complex and specific questions by sticking to generic talking points about bringing people together, probably will.

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