The Capitol Building Was a Little Too Cush for a Manger and a Festivus Pole, Anyway

Sir, you're going to have to take that outside.
After Bill O'Reilly made Olympia ground zero for the culture wars last year, objecting to an atheist sign beside a Nativity scene in the Capitol and setting off a frenzied debate over religious and anti-religious displays (the fun included a proposed "Santa Claus will take you to hell" sign from the Westboro Baptist Church and the Washington State Patrol's decision to take Jesus, Mary, and Joseph into protective custody), the state decided it's not taking any risks this year--at least not inside Capitol buildings.

Instead, this year's indoor display will merely be a tree, purchased and decorated by the state. All other displays will have to battle the elements outdoors on the Capitol grounds. Which should actually provide a lot more room for Festivus' traditional airing of grievances (wherein you let others know all the ways they have disappointed/frustrated/angered you) and its feats of strength (i.e. wrestling). Perhaps someone can get O'Reilly, already a master of the first tradition, to put his money where his mouth is and partake in the second.

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