Tacoma News Tribune Gets It

You Betta' Settle The Lawsuit!!!!
Patrick O'Callahan at the Tacoma News Tribune says there's, "An easy, constitutional fix for Top Two" - our state's new election system that can't get out of legal trouble. He adds - "The obvious fix: Give voters some clue, on the ballot, that a particular candidate doesn't merely "prefer" a party but has in fact been endorsed by that party, through its convention process or however else it chooses."

Most other editorialist's around the state pander to their readers on the issue. O'Callahan could have jumped on the "bash the parties" bandwagon, but instead took a reasoned look at the constitutional problems with I-872 and referred to the system as "an erosion of the 1st Amendment".

I'm happy to finally start to hear others talk about settling the legal problems with our state's new election system.

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