Survey USA Says: Dow May Get His Wish For a Duel With Hutchison

In the latest poll commissioned by King 5, Survey USA finds Dow Constantine pulling ahead of the pack to challenge former news anchor Susan Hutchison.

Hutchison looks pretty much guaranteed a trip to the general election, holding steady at 39 percent of likely voters, according to the poll. Constantine, with his rock star cache, is currently polling in second with 13 percent.

Constantine started setting himself up as the challenger to Hutchison in June when he held a press conference calling for her to defend her Republican background. The county races are technically non-partisan, but political ideology is factoring largely into how the race is being portrayed.

Possibly more significant for Constantine is fellow Seattle-based challenger Larry Phillips' slide in the polls. Phillips dropped behind eastsiders Fred Jarrett and Ross Hunter, if only slightly. The question for Phillips then becomes, can his super-peppy campaign commercials, complete with eye-wink, resuscitate his campaign?

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