Sunglasses and Hutch: Will Larry Go All Open-Records on Susan?

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Let the fisticuffs commence! Tomorrow's the last in a series of King County Exec candidates forums by KUOW's weekday, so at 10 AM we'll get Larry "Future's so bright I've gotta wear shades" Phillips and Susan Hutchison, in her first appearance since the court records from her lawsuit against KIRO were unsealed. Among the embarrassing revelations were a faked illness so she could go on vacation and a sworn statement from an intern's mom, who said Hutchison called her to warn her about the station's drug-addled, sexually predatory management.

No doubt, this is all great fun for her opponents. But it's not the sort of thing candidates themselves will often harp on--that would seem petty and undignified, so they let their underlings do it. Nevertheless, Phillips is slipping in the polls, and the leader, Dow Constantine, seemed to distance himself from the rest of the Democratic field in part by going after Hutchison (albeit for her allegedly faked political independence, rather than faked illnesses). Given that the latest bit from the records is that Hutchison was recruited by GOP bigwigs to run against Maria Cantwell and for Seattle mayor, perhaps Larry will take a page from the Dow book on the Republican bit, or, if we're lucky in a Jerry Springer sort of way, on calling interns' moms. It's on tomorrow at 10. You can listen online here.

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