Seattle's a Good Place to Find a Job Right Now, Though Not as Good as Oklahoma City

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When he left, Nick took his job (and the hoop) with him
With the unemployment rate pushing towards double digits, no place seems all that friendly to job seekers these days. Nevertheless, Seattle's job market has the country's 13th best ratio of jobs to seekers, and the state's unemployment rate just took an unexpected dip. Nevertheless, our 13th ranking is a drop from 8th, a spot currently held by our nemesis, Oklahoma City, who leapfrogged us to take it. Meanwhile, former Sonic Nick Collison gets some heat for his tweets from an Oklahoma City radio host who thinks he likes Seattle too much and OKC too little (mp3). Finally, poor ol' Portland continues its run as a good place to move--if you're not concerned about finding employment. It ranked 46th out of 50. Take some solace, Portlanders--at least you have an NBA team.

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