Reality TV Contestant Stops Being Fugitive, Starts Being Dead

Ryan Jenkins, the reality TV contestant/real-life fugitive who recently passed through Washington state on his way to Canada, was found dead in a room in the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, BC (the town where the first Rambo movie was filmed) apparently having hanged himself.

Jenkins was wanted for the murder of his ex-wife, a model named Jasmine Fiore, "whose body was so badly mutilated when found in a trash bin outside Los Angeles"--her fingers had been cut off and her teeth removed--"it had to be identified by her breast implants' serial numbers."

So if you haven't been watching the news but have been wondering why you haven't been able to watch Megan Wants a Millionaire--wherein various allegedly well-heeled men compete for the affections of a buxom blonde who once competed for the affections of former Poison frontman Bret Michaels--wonder no longer. The show was initially postponed after the news of the manhunt, and has now been outright canceled.

But Jenkins also participated in the 3rd season of that VH1 juggernaut, "I Love Money," which he is rumored to have won. (Imagine the dilemma of ratings-hungry executives!) While they have yet to make a final decision on the show, which is scheduled to begin airing in January, 2010, it seems unlikely that VH1 will go forward with it. Which means we may finally have encountered a situation that is too exploitative for even reality TV.

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