Robo Wars!

Nice mustache, guy
In the last few days, the mayoral race has gotten decidedly nastier, more Spaghetti Western, and more deep-voice narrated than any time previously. Now it's about to get a lot more automated.

With Joe Mallahan climbing the polls and Greg Nickels looking vulnerable, Nickels supporters (labor and business banding together--who says we can't all get along?) are pouring in the money for anti-Mallahan robo-calls. The Seattle Times says the group--consisting of the SEIU and Vulcan, among others--plans to spend $50,000. The ads will be in addition to the anti-McGinn/tunnel-ain't-half-bad robo-calls Nickels announced earlier this week. And of course, McGinn himself has a robo-call on the tunnel, asserting that it's more than half-bad and very well full price.

With fewer people using landlines, one has to wonder whether this is becoming a tool of diminishing returns. But then, if older folks are the ones doing all the voting, maybe not. Finally, alarmist technophobe luddite question: With all this robo-campaigning, how long before we're down to robo-voting?

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