P-I Writer Sees Her Future in...Banking?

Post-Intelligencer business writer Andrea James was one of the few who ended up with a newspaper job after the P-I folded its print edition in March. And she was delighted to stay. "Journalism is just too much fun to give up." she told the Columbia Journalism Review. And "I feel like I was born to do this work," she said to Marketwatch. "I can't imagine going into another field."

Now she imagines she'll be going into another field next Wednesday. She's becoming a research associate with a Minneapolis investment bank. And she's delighted to go. "The notion of journalists as gatekeepers is obsolete -- those who pridefully struggle to hold onto that antiquated view will watch helplessly as information flows around, over and beneath the gates," she writes. "Those who humbly embrace these [techno] changes will become the new stars, appreciated for their ability to generate unique content while at the same time navigating and making sense of the information flow." Said like a true research associate.

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