One Last Poll Before the Polls Close: McGinn, Mallahan in Dead Heat for 2nd

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You have until today's last mail pickup or until 8 PM at the ballot drop boxes to cast your vote in the primary. If you're curious about where things stand in the mayoral race and/or looking to game the vote somehow--e.g. to vote for someone other than who you'll vote for in the general, just to ensure a debate between your two favorite candidates--here are the latest numbers, from SurveyUSA/KING-5:

Greg Nickels 26%

Joe Mallahan 22%

Mike McGinn 21%

Jan Drago 7%

James Donaldson 7%

Nickels remains about where he's been all along, while McGinn and Donaldson have shot up in the last month. Finally, as you can see, it's a super tight race to win fourth place, which I think comes with a gift certificate or something.

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