Obama-Nazi Signs Hit Seattle

Yes, the crazies who have been demonizing Obama's health care plan are here too. Even as the President was backing away from a nationalized insurance plan yesterday, a couple of middle aged guys were assailing passersby on Alaskan Way with a poster of Obama as Hitler, a little fuhrer-moustache added to the President's upper lip. Piled on their table were pamphlets proclaiming: "Act Now to Stop Obama's Nazi Health Plan!" On the cover was a picture of Obama, arms coolly folded, standing side-by-side with a grinning Hitler.

A couple weeks ago, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi stirred a backlash when she suggested that Republicans were behind swastika signs that were appearing at protests outside town hall meetings on health care. Far from it, said the Republican blogosphere, it's those nutty followers of Lyndon LaRouche. And so it was on Alaskan Way, as you can see from the picture and the pamphlet, which bears the name of the LaRouche Political Action Committee. One of the men beside the table, Paul Glumaz, defended the Nazi comparison by saying that Obama's plan was analogous to Hitler's penchant for euthanasia. A ridiculous conspiracy theory, sure, but it plays into the vitriol--some of it by real Republicans as well as health care players-- that is making Obama's rapidly morphing plan a pretty dicey prospect right now.

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