Now That's the Jarrod Washburn We Know

In today's small sample size theater, Detroit got a little taste of buyer's remorse, as the Jarrod Washburn that Mariners' fans are accustomed to seeing--the one who gives up flyballs that go a long, long way--is the Jarrod Washburn who made his first appearance in a Tigers uniform. (In case you forgot, the Mariners traded Washburn to the Tigers last week.) Washburn gave up a couple home runs and six runs in five innings in a game against Baltimore. Which may not necessarily be a glimpse of things to come--he hasn't historically been that bad. But now that he's in Detroit, he'll no longer have the Mariners' speedy outfield and Safeco's deep fences behind him to turn would-be home runs into flyball outs.

Another trade-related note on last night's Detroit/Baltimore game: Adam Jones hit cleanup. He went 0-5, but he's hitting cleanup because he's putting up solid power numbers at the tender age of 24. And he's paid $435,000. And he's only a part of our massive giveaway to get Erik Bedard. But perhaps I should stop crying over spilled talent.

Finally, in case you're wondering about how the Mariners actually did last night, they beat Kansas City, 7-6. Former M Yuniesky Betancourt went 2-4 with a double and a triple. Perhaps he'll kill the M's after getting moved to Kansas City the way Raul Ibanez did a few years back. The M's pulled the win out, though, thanks to Ichiro's bat and glove--as covered here by the Times' excellent M's beat writer Geoff Baker. One thing, though, Mr. Baker: .364 would not be a career high for Ichiro--he hit .372 in 2004. Sometimes his excellence defies even memory.

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