Nickels v. Mallahan: Joe's Retort

Things are getting ugly.
Joe Mallahan's campaign spokesperson Charla Neuman had this to say about the Nickels YouTube video attacking her candidate:

It's the weakest attack ad I've ever seen. They have spent good money on a tracker camera guy to follow us around, hoping to get bad footage of Joe to use in a negative ad and instead they use our ad images and repeat our messages. Part of me just wants to say thank you.

I couldn't find an espionage line item in Nickels' latest report, nor one for "videographer to follow Mallahan around", so I have a call in to his spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik to ask about Neuman's allegation. Regardless, today's ad (combined with yesterday's spat with Mike McGinn) does seem to suggest that Nickels is taking seriously the strong poll numbers of those two challengers. You can't help wondering if Jan Drago feels a little left out--where's Nickels' ad attacking her?

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