Nick Collison Still Loves Seattle, Talks About "Football and War" While Dudes Apply Sunscreen To His Back

The Sonics may no longer be in Seattle, but ex-Sonic Nick Collison is, at least during the off-season. And not only does the Border Collie defend his adopted hometown on his Twitter page, he even goes so far as to occasionally rip on his employer's city.

To wit, the Border Collie recently served up the following tweet: "105 degrees in okc today???? sounds nice." (Never mind that it was just 103 in Seattle, which, unlike OKC, has very little air-conditioning.)

Elsewhere, we learn that the Border Collie works out with Detlef Schrempf and is tweet homeys with fellow pro ballers Jason Terry and Drew Gooden (Yes! Another excuse to link to this awesome pic of Papa Drew tickling the ivories!)

The Border Collie loves just about everything about Seattle, including Seafair. "Just finished with first day of sea fair," he tweets. "Wondering why anyone would choose to live anywhere else." He's even willing to put up with the occasional homoerotic box-in -- "Downside of sausagefest on boat is when one of ure boys has to apply sunscreen to your back.Its ok tho cause we talked bout football and war."

But then there's this: "I love seattle, however, I hate the sea-tac airport." That's okay, because the airport isn't even in the city, dog!

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