New Strip Clubs Inch Forward

Stripper chain owner Roger Forbes appears to be breezing along towards his new Deja Vu nudie club across from Safeco Field (AKA "Faces on Balls") - though the Mariners are delaying his progress by appealing a recent King County zoning ruling. But Forbes friend and sometimes partner Bob Davis (left) is running into an organized neighborhood protest with his plans to change Cyndy's Pancake House on Aurora into Cyndy's Gentelmen's Club - insert flapjack jokes here.

"I am a homeowner in the 101st block of nearby Evanston Avenue N.," says Karrie Gaylord, one of the protesters, in an email to City Hall. "Our neighborhood org has been tracking this permit since its inception, and we are united in our opposition to its approval. The city's land use code clearly prohibits the use of this property as an adult cabaret due to its proximity to a school," echoing the complaints of other neighbors. Cyndy's sits about 700 feet from the Baptist Church and Northgate Christian Academy at 10510 Stone Ave. N. The question may hinge on whether a school is a school, under zoning laws, when it's not a public school.

Other neighbors are asking the Department of Planning and Development to consider the aesthetics - their "once seedy" neighborhood, they say, has changed for the better. They've also seized on Davis' comment that, well, 105th and Aurora? "It's not like it's Laurelhurst." Besides the zoning question, Davis also has to complete some structural changes before they'll consider approving the club, the DPD says.

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