Music Recs From Rupert Murdoch: MySpace Reportedly Likes iLike, to the Tune of $20 Million

Rupert can't decide whether to recommend something by UGK or his favorite, Mike Jones
In her 2007 profile of Seattle's iLike, SW's Karla Starr asked "Can a Seattle 'music recommendation' startup beat your favorite record store clerk?" Now it looks like the question may be, "Can Rupert Murdoch?"

The media mogul's social networking juggernaut MySpace is reportedly close to acquiring iLike for $20 million. Started in 2006, iLike tracks what you and your friends listen to and like and makes recommendations based on that. According to TechCrunch, iLike is "the top music application on Facebook, Bebo, Hi5 and just about every other social network other than MySpace." Now MySpace will own a good chunk of Facebook action.

Finally, lest this appear to be some sort of selling out, remember that one of iLIke's biggest investors was Ticketmaster.

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